Car Wrecks


  When you’ve been injured in a car wreck, your first challenge is to get the best medical care available. Your second challenge is to get compensation from the at-fault driver. Before you get too far down the road trying to represent yourself, consider hiring a lawyer. Legal Responsibility for bad driving is covered by negligence and insurance law and proving who is at fault and how you’ve been hurt may be more difficult than you think.


 A qualified legal professional can help assure that you will receive full compensation for your injury.




 You can help yourself by gathering evidence of what happened and how it affected your life. Here is a checklist of evidence to collect which may be helpful in your case.


Car Wreck Checklist Reference


1. Accident Report

2. Photos of your vehicle

3. Photos of at-fault vehicle

4. Insurance Information for you (copy of policy)

5. Insurance Information for at-fault vehicle

6. List of Medical Providers and Dates visited

7. Chronology of Events

8. Photos of Injury

9. Medical Bills or medical documents

10. Emails or Correspondence with Insurance or at-fault party


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